Filmmaker Jennifer Casriel at the Brownfish Short Film Festival


Jennifer Casriel at the 1st annual Brownfish Short Film Festival in NYC on November 12, 2011

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  1. I am overjoyed for my sweet friend Jennifer! I always knew how talented she is and she relates beautifully to children of all ages, as she did when we worked together at a summer camp! Many blessings to more successful ventures to Jennifer!

    Tracy Cissell-Tubbs


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    Teacher and first time filmmaker, Jennifer Casriel, uses her relationship with her high school students to help capture their memories of 9/11. The 10th graders interviewed for the film were six years old and entering 1st grade in 2001. In working on the film, it became apparent that this story is about more than the students' memories. It is about resilience, optimism and how life goes on. It is also about families and how they handled communicating the events and meaning of this tragic day. Some students interviewed their parents, who reflected upon their memories and their concerns for their children and what they did to protect their child's innocence. 'It Was a Tuesday' provides a unique, delicate, perspective to an event that affected all of us.
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